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Welcome to Total Logic Security Ltd

We manufacture readily identifiable security plates for computers, laptops and mobile phones.

Total Logic Security LtdTotal Logic Security  (TLS) manufacture specialist security plates for large corporates, public sector bodies and leading computer manufacturers.  Our security plates offer a fail safe marking, which will prove that an item has been irrefutably stolen. This prevents theft and aids recovery.
Even if a potential thief removes our security plate,  there is another permanent 'Stolen' message underneath which cannot be removed without damaging the casing.

Each plate has a unique identity code and our contact number, so that if a laptop or TLS marked piece of equipment is lost then there is a very good chance of recovery.
We often recover equipment that has been left on Buses, trains, taxis, at airports or bars and even once in a public park.

Uniquely, the security plates all have a Hidden UV Stolen messageStolen Message.

Design your own unique TLS security plate: click here

Total Logic Security Plates offer the following benefits:
  1. Reduces theft and loss and if found is immediately owner identifiable
  2. Worldwide lifetime recovery service
  3. Fluorescent UV traceable Stolen Message with ID Number tracking welded to casing.
  4. Customer select : - logo, asset number and bar code
  5. Fits in less than 10 seconds
  6. Available in a range of different sizes and either metal or plastic.

Call us now on +44 (0)1279 439900 or 0080080000011(Universal International Free Phone Number) to discuss your requirements.


Unique Tracking

Each plate has a unique tracking code and our phone number to contact us if equipment is found. We offer a Worldwide lifetime recovery service for all our clients.

Custom Design

Our plates can be customised to incorporate your company's branding and logos. If you would like to see an example design please send a quality logo image to [email protected]

Various Sizes

Our security plates are available in a variety of colours and sizes. Discuss your requirments with us on +44 (0)1279 439900 or click here to see our product range.