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Register your equipment here
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Fitting Instructions

Please be careful, the glue supplied is industrial strength Cyanocrylate epoxy resin and can adhere to the skin. In case of emergence please contact a qualified medical practioner.

Choose where to place plateStep One: Choose a suitable area on the equipment where you would like to permanently place the plate.




Remove strips and apply glueStep Two: Remove all backing strips and apply a thin layer of the industrial strength epoxy to the centre of the plate ( Red etched area only ) . This ensures glue does not leak around the edge of the plate.



Place plate face up and push down firmlyStep Three: Place the plate face up on selected surface and press down firmly.

The plate is fixed immediately and permanently. The curing process takes up to 24 hours for maximum strength adhesion.

Please do not hesitate to contact Total Logic Security Ltd on +44 (0) 1279 439900 or 0080080000011(Universal International Free Phone Number) if you have any questions.


Unique Tracking

Each plate has a unique tracking code and our phone number to contact us if equipment is found. We offer a Worldwide lifetime recovery service for all our clients.

Custom Design

Our plates can be customised to incorporate your company's branding and logos. If you would like to see an example design please send a quality logo image to [email protected]

Various Sizes

Our security plates are available in a variety of colours and sizes. Discuss your requirments with us on +44 (0)1279 439900 or click here to see our product range.