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Golf Club Security Label

Golf clubs as you know are very easy items to lose; they can be left behind on golf courses as concentration is diverted to the next shot. Golf clubs are also increasingly a soft target for thieves, who can resell them with very little difficulty. Now with the unique Golf Club Id service they can be recovered.

Price: £19.95 including VAT, Delivery and 'Lifetime' registration/recovery service

If you prefer you can:-

Email us your requirements and we will contact you by phone for your payment or telephone us on 0870 4429693 or +44 (0)1279 439 900 and we will take your order offline.

Mobile Phone Security Label
Have you or your organisation ever lost something or had it stolen?

Mobile Phones are very easy items to lose; they are getting smaller all the time and more expensive to replace. 630,000 mobile phones were reported missing or stolen last year. Now with the unique Mobile Phone Recovery Service recovered phones can be returned to their owner without delay.

Price: £7.75 including VAT, Delivery and 'Lifetime' registration/recovery service

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to order your mobile phone security pack.

For more information contact us via email or call on: +44 (0)1279 439900 or 0870 4429693

Unique Tracking

Each plate has a unique tracking code and our phone number to contact us if equipment is found. We offer a Worldwide lifetime recovery service for all our clients.

Custom Design

Our plates can be customised to incorporate your company's branding and logos. If you would like to see an example design please send a quality logo image to [email protected]

Various Sizes

Our security plates are available in a variety of colours and sizes. Discuss your requirments with us on +44 (0)1279 439900 or click here to see our product range.